Friday, 13 January 2017

The Winter Coat

Winter jackets and coats are probably the best thing about Autumn/Winter fashion. But, this year there has been one style in particular that has been the most popular. I'm not really a 'trend-follower' as such, I just wear what I like. This was a trend I simply couldn't take my eyes off, though - The Aviator Jacket.

I kept seeing them but wasn't sure whether to get one or not. I had a look through the New Year's sales, after deciding I definitely wanted one (no stopping me now) and I finally found the perfect jacket in Warehouse.

This is such an amazing coat! It's the cosiest thing I've ever worn, like a blanket in coat form! I love this one as it's a little different. Everyone seems to be wearing black ones, which, don't get me wrong are stunning, but this one is a dark brown shade. The whole coat is lined with faux fur, along with furry lapels and cuffs...yes. fur everywhere! The shearling material is extremely soft and the coat is finished with buckles and a zip, to keep you extra cosy.

Along with my Warehouse jacket, I've found some similar ones here:


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