Thursday, 5 January 2017

When it rains

I hate rain, in fact I'm pretty sure I have a fear of rain because it's just so grim and getting your hair wet is not okay. But...we can't just close the curtains, get under a blanket and pretend it's not pouring outside. Instead do something productive and make it worthwhile!

1. Bake
This is my personal favourite...get the wooden spoon out and find your favourite recipe! I find baking really therapeutic and it's the perfect thing to keep you busy - besides you don't have to be a professional to make it work so just have fun!

2. Get Tidying
You're probably rolling your eyes at this point but, as the cliche goes "tidy space, tidy mind" - this is so true! I'm probably unusual in the fact that I love tidying and organising things but it's so useful. First, you might find things that you didn't even know were there and secondly, what better time to get organised than when you don't have anything better to do?  It'll be like a breath of fresh air when you have a tidier space.

3. Read a Book
Channel your inner 'Hygge' and light a candle while you read a book. Reading is probably the best form of escapism, whether it's a novel or a coffee table book. Getting engrossed in a book will most definitely keep you occupied for a while - it'll distract from the long, painful wait as your baking goods are in the sure to set an alarm though!

4. Read some blogs
Obviously I was going to suggest this, but it's a good one! There's most likely a blog out there for everyone so get searching. A few of my favourites are: TheEveryGirl, PintSizedBeauty, WhatOliviaDid, A BeautifulMess and KateLaVie. could be really adventurous and start blogging yourself! Check out Bloglovin' to keep up with all of your favourite blogs and follow me there at 'The Burning Wick'.

5. Watch TV
If all else fails, just switch on your favourite's a no-brainer. Caution - this could potentially lead to you staring at a screen all day and you'll not get anything else done or at least anything overly productive, maybe not even get dressed because Netflix is dangerously addictive but whatever...

What do you like to do on a rainy day?



  1. Love this post. I love to snuggle up to a movie in my pjs & eat toast on a rainy day! Rainy days in are by far the best days!

    Emily x |


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