Friday, 15 September 2017

Seasonal Eyeshadow

If there's one item of makeup that can completely transform a look it's eyeshadow; whether it's an intense smokey eye or a copper look. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons to vamp up my makeup and there are some eyeshadows in particular that I gravitate towards to create these looks. Here are my picks...

This one's funny because it actually came free when I ordered nail polish but wow it's AMAZING! I got a rich purple metallic shade. It has a creamy consistency which creates that 'wet' look. It came with a mixing liquid and dish which I haven't yet tried but imagine it would create an even more intense look. You can build this up depending on how strong you want it. This eyeshadow does wear off throughout the day so be sure to apply a primer or base. 

This is a stunning gold shade; the perfect colour for the upcoming months. The pigmentation is great and it's easy to apply. To get the most out of this eyeshadow, slightly wet the eyeshadow brush then apply the shadow straight to your lids - this almost gives the appearance of foil and really makes the gold stand out!

This is perfect if you're in a rush or simply can't be bothered but still want to look as if you've put the effort in (I'm looking at you). I have never tried anything quite like it, pretty much squeezie eyeshadow (I know, very technical). This is a wearable shade that provides a lovely warmth for the eyes, with a subtle shimmer.

If there was ever a palette that screams Autumn it's this one! With a crazy 35 shades this palette has every colour you need for the upcoming seasons. I love the red and orange toned eyeshadows for Autumn and they have the perfect amount of shimmer!

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette
If I could only keep one palette it would be this one! Housed in the most stunning packaging are 15 eyeshadows that range from muted tones to intense shades. For everyday wear, my favourites are 'Anaheim', 'Stark' and 'Zone'. To vamp things up I love 'Punk' and 'Danger'. You can definitely create a fabulous Autumn/Winter looks with these! Unfortunately, this was discontinued but you can find similar here and here

Have you tried any of these eyeshadows? What are favourite eyeshadows for the upcoming seasons?

Katie x



  1. Loving your vanity! I have that Morphe palette, but actually I´m using more the 35P.
    Nice photos!

    1. The Morphe palettes are all stunning! Thank you :)


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