Sunday, 1 October 2017

Getting Style Inspo From Fashion Bloggers

Sometimes you look inside your wardrobe and feel so uninspired by what's staring back at you, am I right?! They are lots of places to find ideas whether it's magazines or fashion books but my go-to for style inspiration is fashion bloggers (and their Instagrams). Now, when I say 'fashion blogger' that doesn't mean they solely focus on fashion but it's a huge part of what they do - in hindsight all of the people I've chosen are also vloggers. So, whether you're into watching videos, reading blogs or scrolling through Instgram, here are some of my favourite fashionistas!

EJ Style (Emma Hill)
If you're looking for advice on the essential pieces to have in your wardrobe aka 'the capsule wardrobe', Emma Hill is your girl. Blogger and recently turned vlogger, she has such an effortless style that never fails to look 'put together'. Think tailoring, casual vibes and biker jackets. Her blog is equally as stylish as her clothes! Be sure to check out her Instagram too.

Fashion Slave (Sophie Milner)
Queen of styling the tea dress, Sophie Milner has a feminine style with an edge. She's your go-to for tips on taking an outfit from day to night, what to wear on a date or the best slogan tee. While she has a blog with beautiful photos and writing style, she also has a YouTube channel. So, with both of these to browse through you won't be short of fashion inspo! Her Instagram is equally great!

Love Style Mindfulness (Sinead Crowe)
Initially Sinead Crowe's Instagram and stunning pictures are what caught my eye - she has a feed of beautiful outfits. She styles everything from denim skirts to chunky knits to pretty tops. She gives you an insight into designer dupes, specific brands and the latest trends to name but a few. Sinead Crowe also has a YouTube channel full of hauls and styling videos.

Kate La Vie
Aside from her lustworthy interiors and incredible flatlays, Kate La Vie also has stunning style. She wears beautiful, feminine outfits; think tea dresses, ruffles and patterns. Her outfits are photographed in such a visually pleasing way that'll make you want to buy everything! While her clothes are fabulous, her handbag collection is also something I'm very envious of!

Lydia Elise Millen
If you're into classy, luxurious and elegant style then look no further! While she has expensive taste, she's definitely one to glean a lot of inspiration from. Lydia Elise Millen is the kind of girl that looks classy even if she's heading to the gym! Her style is all about the high end pieces and excellent quality. She puts outfits together so beautifully. If I could just have her whole wardrobe I'd be a very happy girl indeed!

So, be sure to check these stylish bloggers out! I've shared my favourite destinations for style inspiration but where do you look for inspo?

Until next time, Katie x

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  1. I love Love Style Mindfullness - it's always great to feel inspired by other bloggers.

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