Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Statement Boot

I love a statement piece, whether it be a statement earring (can't get enough of tassels!) or a statement handbag; I'll take it! These are items that can liven up your wardrobe and add a little interest to an otherwise dull, monotonal outfit. The only thing is, statement pieces can sometimes be on the pricier side and if you're anything like me you'll not want to break the bank on something you're only gonna wear occasionally or a trend-led item. I was keen to get my hands on a pair of statement boots, particularly to pair with a simple black jeans, nice top outfit. This is when one of my favourite apps came into play - Lyst (not sponsored). I spotted these boots and instantly saved them; however, I didn't really fancy dishing out £75 for them... A while later my inbox pinged, alerting me that these boots had gone on sale to - wait for it - £25!!!!!! I'M SERIOUS! So, into my basket they went!

These are a River Island purchase and I couldn't be happier with them! I mean just look at them! Adorned in multicoloured sequins in a floral pattern and finished with a stunning silver block heel, these are the perfect statement boot! Can you imagine these during the Christmas season?! I wouldn't have splurged £75 on these as they aren't the most comfortable shoe (that heel is pretty high) but for £25 they're amazing! I've worn these simply to go out for dinner and to blogging events; they've suited the occasions wonderfully!

Be sure to check out Lyst and keep an eye for more amazing price reductions! For now, here's a few of my favourite statement boot picks:

Do you like a statement piece?

Katie x


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