Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Time For Change

It's been a while...in fact it has most definitely been more than a while. Life took over. Blogging became a chore, rather than a hobby and an outlet for all things 'me'. I love blogging and am truly grateful for the events I get to attend, the things I'm gifted and for the opportunities that have stemmed from it. However, I lost myself in it. The content I was creating didn't feel like something I was truly happy and passionate about. I took an unplanned break (a much longer break than intended). I needed time to remind myself why I started this and why I want to keep doing it. I felt uninspired and unmotivated to write; which I will go into more depth in a blog post to follow (hopefully it won't take me quite so long to upload this time!). I never wanted to do this half-heartedly and I would much rather it be quality over quantity. So, if that means uploading half the content I was uploading before, then so be it. This isn't my job and I don't want it to feel that way. However, the only person that made it feel that way was in fact me and the only person that can change that is me. I've changed so much since starting this blog and the things I upload inevitably must change with me. Things might be a little different around here but I think and I hope, The Burning Wick is back.

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  1. I have been feeling the same way blogging is not fun at the moment and I am going to reduce my content as I do not want to give up. Hopefully being kinder to myself will help me regain the love for my blog


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