Saturday, 15 October 2016

15 Things That Make Me Smile

For me the little things in life make me the happiest and often they're the most important. So, here are fifteen things that make me no particular order because they're all the best. 

1. Going for a walk - Especially in the crisp, winter air.

2. Lighting a candle - The candle I'm using right now is called 'Tranquility' and the name itself makes me feel calm.

3. My dog - Riley is the cutest, fluffiest bundle of joy I have ever witnessed.

4. Fresh sheets - I'm definitely not the only one who loves this!

5. Travel - Experiencing new places and cultures is one of life's greatest pleasures.

6. Doing my makeup

7. Photography - That satisfaction when I achieve the perfect shot!

8. Coffee - Enough said.

9. Reading - I've just got Estee Lalonde's new book 'Bloom' and it's amazing!

10. Spontaneity - either completely spontaneous or completely in between for me!

11. Online shopping - You can look at everything you want without leaving the sofa!

12. Freshly painted nails

13. Pyjamas - Especially fluffy ones!

14. Autumn - Every colour, a carpet of leaves and cold air...can't beat it!

15. Making lists - As you can imagine making this blog post was very enjoyable for an organisation and list freak...

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