Tuesday 4 October 2016

My Top 5 Coffee Table Books

I love reading, I love books but most of all I love coffee table books. I don't just love them for the pretty covers but that is a huge part of it. From stunning photography to insightful guides, from timeless fashion to amazing cities, coffee table books will meet all of your reading needs...well, mine anyway. So, I'm going to let you in on my personal top 5 coffee table books.

1.  Lonely Planet's 'Ultimate Travelist': I love travelling as much as I love coffee table books so this one's perfect for me. The Ultimate Travelist ranks the 500 best places in the world and if you're anything like me you'll want to fly to all 500 places right after reading the book. Lonely Planet has created a book with jaw-dropping photos and beautiful descriptions that will look great on your coffee table. 

2.  Giuseppe Santamaria's 'Women in This Town': If you love fashion as much as I do, this is the ideal book for you. Women in This Town visits 6 different cities and displays photographs of the street style on regular people. It also includes interviews with people, from each city, who have made their mark in fashion. This is a very stylish book that left me feeling rather uncool but inspired after reading it.

3.  Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset's 'Paris Street Style': If I had the chance, I would definitely be a Parisian girl but that isn't going to happen soon, so this book is the closest I'll get. This book presents a flawless guide to achieve that Parisian chic that we all want. From accessories to the little black dress this book contains everything you need to know.

4.  Megan Hess' 'The Dress': With it's golden pages and black and white details, this is quite possibly the prettiest book I own - and I own a lot of books! Photograph free, The Dress displays incredible illustrations of iconic dresses, the icons that wore them and the designers that created them. After flicking through this book you'll most likely be jealous of the talented illustrating ability of Megan Hess that completes the book.

5.  Brandon Stanton's 'Humans of New York': If you aren't left feeling very inspired after reading this book then I suggest you read it again. Photographer, Brandon Stanton, perfectly captures the images and stories of ordinary New Yorkers to create a very interesting and heart-warming book. 

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