Wednesday 19 June 2019

A Different Kind Of Beauty

A few weeks back I was invited along to check out the launch of Lush makeup in the Belfast store. As with most of us, we associate the brand with all kinds of crazy and wonderful bath products...not makeup!? So, I jumped at the chance to go and have a look. As you may have noticed I've cut back on the beauty side of blogging, however this was one I didn't want to miss. I was kindly offered to have my makeup done by one of the Lush makeup artists, before attending a talk held by the brand's co-founder, Rowena Bird. They matched all my shades, giving me a full face of a new kind of makeup I'd never experienced.

As you can probably tell from the photos, the makeup is pretty unusual. First things first, the packaging. Lush have created "naked products" which means they're free from packaging. If you're like me, saving the planet is sometimes on your mind, but you don't even what to do or where to begin. Well, Lush have made it easy. Their naked products are plastic free and packaged in eco-flo chips which biodegrade quickly (in simple terms...much better for the planet). If you're keen to learn a little more about their naked products, have a look here.

Now onto the exciting bit - what did I try? 

They tried out the foundation on me, 'Slap Stick' in 10C. When this was first applied I was pleasantly surprised at how much colour this product actually provided. It almost feels clay-like when being applied to the skin. This may sound weird but I just mean it's wonderfully soft and buttery. This is a light to medium coverage foundation, at first I thought it was a little sheer for my liking but you can build and layer it to achieve your desired coverage. It has a dewy finish which I think is perfect for summer! This is unlike anything I've tried and they have a huge range of 40 shades.

We then move on to the 'Trix Stick' concealer. They used two shades of this on me, one for concealing and brightening (8N) and the other for contouring (17N). The concealer has a really smooth, glowy effect. If I'm having a good skin day with no tired eyes this would be fine on its own. However, for days when I need a little more coverage, I would just use this as a brightener on top of a light layer of concealer. To contour, I really like the Trix Stix. It can be hard to find good creamy contours that don't mess with the makeup underneath or just leave a streak of colour. This works and leaves you with a natural looking sculpt.

Moving onto my favourite product, the 'Glow Stick' highlighter (it was inevitable). I don't have a lot to say about this other than I just really love highlighter! This is a pretty cool product as it doesn't look like much, but as soon as soon as you apply it, you get the most gorgeous glowy highlight without the glitter. I have the shade 'Lark' which is a lovely champagne-opal colour.

And finally...we have lipstick! The lipsticks come as a refill, so you can either pop them in an old lipstick case of your own or get one of Lush's own lipstick cases. They're super creamy in texture with great colour payoff. Again, this is a pretty versatile product. They used the shade 'Cairo' on my cheeks for a subtle hint of blush then used 'Liverpool' on my lips for the perfect, subtle coral shade. The best bit? They are SO MANY shades!

Well that was a rather hefty post! Well done if you made it to the end - I hope it was helpful whether you're looking into purchasing some Lush makeup or if you're just feeling nosey!


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