Friday, 4 November 2016

The Best Shoes

TK Maxx (a shop that's situated throughout Europe) holds some serious hidden gems and you'll find some great bargains. In the shoe section of the shop, you will find some questionable (to say the least) looking shoes but amongst these are a few pairs that are too good to turn down.

As I was laughing at some of the pairs I spotted on the shelves, I did spot a pair of heels that instantly caught my eye. They looked stunning in a beautiful, blue velvet. I had to try them would be rude not to! They were a perfect fit, however, knowing my luck I would pick the most expensive pair, that I wouldn't be able to afford. I checked the price...£20! BARGAIN! 

Sold! See, I said you would find some great bargains! As well as their amazing price, they are very easy to walk in - to my surprise. As a 5ft 1" girl, I need all the height I can get, so the heel is greatly appreciated.  

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  1. Love the heels! Great for a Christmas Party!


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