Tuesday, 28 February 2017

What's In My Makeup Bag?

I'm obsessed with makeup, however I tend to go for the more affordable products (unless, I decide to treat myself). Firstly, because I'm broke and secondly, a lot of drugstore products are so damn good! Most of the products in my makeup bag are really affordable and my go-to items. So, without further ado here's what is in my makeup bag...

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - I've been using this foundation for ages and I love it! I use the shade 'Rose Ivory' and it's perfect for my pale skin. You can create a more sheer finish or build it up to give a fuller coverage. It's super blendable and gives a a lovely finish!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - This is definitely one of the most popular drugstore concealers and it's no surprise! I use this as an under eye concealer as well as covering any blemishes or redness. It covers everything so well and doesn't crease. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - I use to swear by this stuff but stopped using it - who knows why?!! I recently repurchased it in 'Transparent' and it does the job perfectly. It sets your makeup and gives you a more matte finish. 

Bourjois Bronzing Powder - I find myself coming back to this bronzer again and again. I can use it with a very light hand to give the slightest bronze and make my face look less one dimensional and more alive. Or, I can use more to create a more contoured look. 

Maybelline Blush - I use the shade 'Pink Amber' and this just gives my cheeks a subtle rosy tint. They say your blusher should be the same shade as your cheeks would naturally blush, so this is great for getting that natural rosiness! 

Soap & Glory Brow Archery - The first time I used this, I just knew it was the one. It has a seriously fine pencil, perfect for filling in any sparse areas and giving your brows a little more shape. For those people who like a finer brow this what you need! It also has a spooly brush on the other end which is super handy.

Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow - These are shadows are affordable and great quality. What I love is the range of shades and right now I've been enjoying the shade 'Tawny'. This is a gorgeous shimmery gold. It's buttery, applies easily and is very blendable. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational - I do switch between mascaras quite often but this is the one I've been loving right now. It does exactly a good mascara should do - lengthen, thicken and volumize! 

Carmex Lip Balm - This is pretty boring one but it's completely an essential, especially in Winter when lips get dry and cracked. I love the burny sensation that this gives! 

MAC Viva Glam II - This is a beautiful nude/mauve shade in a satin finish so, it's really buttery and not drying on the lips. It lasts all day and everyone loves a good MAC lipstick - am I right?!

What are your makeup bag essentials? 


Friday, 24 February 2017


I am wanderlust. I want to experience different cultures and discover new cities. However, I have not yet won the lottery so, dreaming about travelling is going to have to do...or writing a blog post about it. I'm sharing a small list with just some of the places I want to go. I hope you enjoy and you may be left feeling very wanderlust too!

Amalfi Coast
With stunning views and scenes that are a bloggers dream, how could you not want to visit the Amalfi Coast?! I particularly want to go to Positano which is one of the Coast's most beautiful spots. Home to a pebble beach, pretty streets holding boutiques and cafes and amazing colours. Another destination to see is Sorrento, a beautiful town and Lonely Planet say it's "the gateway to the Amalfi Coast." The Coast takes pride in it's pottery and handmade sandals, which are apparently the things to splurge on. 

From beautiful canals to pretty buildings, Amsterdam is the perfect city break. If, like me, you took interest in the story of Anne Frank then you can visit the Anne Frank House which is a popular destination (as long as you can bear the queues). Or, if you're feeling cultured, pop into the Rijksmuseum, which is "the Louvre of Amsterdam". Apparently, to really get a feel for the city and what the locals are like, you should visit Vondelpark, an urban, public park. If you want to pretend you're a local, rather than a confused tourist with a camera, hire a bike! 

As someone who isn't overly keen on hot weather, Iceland is right up my street. It's the ideal spot to see the Northern Lights and some of the most amazing waterfalls including, the Skogafoss, Svartifoss and Gulfoss Waterfalls. You can take a swim in the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, which I must say looks amazing! Other must sees are The Great Geysir, black sand beach and some incredible glaciers. 

I've never been to Sweden or anywhere in Scandinavia but it's definitely on my bucket list. Stockholm particularly appeals to me with it's colourful, pretty streets and coffee shops everywhere...Instagram dream! The Swedish use the word 'fika' to describe the feeling or action of being with friends having coffee, cake and chats - amazing! Some coffee shops that especially catch my eye are Drop Coffee, Fabrique and KaffeVerket. The subways in Stockholm are practically art galleries, with insane artwork covering the walls and ceilings. Stockholm is home to the Moderna Museet, a contemporary art museum and the Fotografiska, a contemporary photography museum. 

Do you want to hop on a plane yet? I hope you liked my list, is there anywhere that you want to visit?

*Photos are from Google Images.


Monday, 20 February 2017

L'Oreal Facemask

L'Oreal recently released their new collection of face masks and I had been seeing them everywhere so, obviously I had to try one out. 

I picked up the Pure Clay Detox Mask, which was already exciting me with it's dark grey colour. This mask is intended to detoxify and clarify your skin. It contains 3 pure clays which work together to absorb impurities, eliminate imperfections and clarify complexion. So, with this information on board I was intrigued to see if it actually worked. 

First, it's really affordable which is always a bonus! It applies easily and gives off a nice smell that wasn't intense or overpowering. As the mask dries it works wonders, visibly working on your pores. I used a warm facecloth to remove the mask and it came off so easily. My skin was left feeling incredibly soft and refreshed. This feeling continued to the next morning. As the mask sinks into the pores, it really helped to unclog them and left my skin looking clear. The packaging is lovely and the mask feels really luxurious. 

So, before you splurge on an expensive face mask, be sure to check out the L'Oreal Pure Clay masks. After trying this one, I'm tempted to test out the other two!

Have you tried any of the L'Oreal face masks?


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Nail Painting Tips & Tricks

Anyone who knows me will know that I am always painting my nails or doing nail art. Therefore, I can justify my out-of-hand collection of nail polishes. I often get asked how I manage to get my nails to look as if I've had them done professionally. Practice is definitely key but there are a few tips and tricks that will help along the way.

1. Always use a base coat - this will help smooth the nail surface and prevent nail discolouration.

2. File from the outside of nail to the inside - back and forth will damage the nail. I only use a crystal nail file, which is the only type suitable for filing back and forth. Once you try a crystal nail file, you'll never go back!

3. Cuticle care - push your cuticles back and moisturise them with an oil or cream.

4. Never shake the polish bottle - this creates air bubbles, instead, roll it between your hands. This is one of the most common mistakes!

5. Gloopy nail polish - if this happens, put a tiny drop of nail polish remover into the bottle. You'll thank me later!

6. Loosen a stuck nail polish lid by soaking it upside down in hot water until it loosens. When you can't open your favourite colour it's so annoying!

7. Apply base coat to the top half of the nail then over the whole nail - your nail polish will stay on longer. You can also use this process when applying top coat.

8. To remove stubborn or glitter nail polish, soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover and place on your nail. Wrap some tinfoil over the cotton pad and it'll come off so much easier!

9. To make your nail polish more vibrant and stand out, apply a layer of white nail polish before applying your chosen colour.

10. Lastly. the best tip - to get professional looking nails, place a tiny drop of nail polish in the centre of the nail just above the cuticle, then carefully push down leaving a small gap. Move the brush upwards to create a straight line of polish. Go back to the base of the nail and gently swipe the polish along the side of the nail. Drag the polish up until the side of the nail is covered then repeat this on the other side of the nail. 

Hopefully these tips will help you get professional looking nails in no time!


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

It goes  without saying, we all spend ridiculous amounts of time aimlessly scrolling through social media. I love Instagram and I'm constantly flicking through but there's some accounts in particular that add some interest to my feed or are just very visually pleasing! I've attempted to narrow my list of favourite accounts down, however, there are many more that I love. Hope this little list gives you some inspo for accounts to follow!

I followed this account very recently and I can't believe I wasn't aware of it before! Carrie Santana de Silva is a style and travel blogger, and it clearly shows in her account. Her pictures are so aesthetically pleasing, ranging from fashion to food to sights. Her images have a very chilled and relaxed vibe. WishWishWish is full of fashion inspiration and you'll definitely be feeling wanderlust after seeing all of her travel photos! 

As someone who is completely obsessed with all things Paris, this feed is right up my street.  Carin Olsson is a Paris based photographer (are you not convinced already?!). She shares beautiful photographs of the little streets and quirks of Paris, as well as photos of famous sights. This account fits right in with the whole 'white theme' on Instagram that everyone is loving. 

Megan Hess is a fashion illustrator who has released several books including 'The Dress' and 'Fashion House', while also working with many high-end brands. Her Instagram account is full of her amazing illustrations and gives an insight into what she gets up to. Each week, a Friday themed illustration is posted which is so cute! If I could own a Megan Hess drawing, I would be a very happy human but, for now, this account is perfect. 

For those who love fashion as much as me, this is perfect! Think Pinterest, fashion bloggers and street style all rolled into one - amazing! This is full of ideas and inspiration for all different styles. StyleIRL is essentially all of the best street style in one place. After a scroll through, you're going to want to go shopping straight away...

I'd say this my favourite account of them all, it's definitely the coolest! It's basically what it says in the name - floors, floors and more floors. Sounds a little odd but trust me you won't be disappointed. It's an account that shares photos of some of the most amazing and visually pleasing floors around the globe. It's a new take on the usual travel photos and I love it! If you come across a pretty/fascinating/cool floor, Instagram it and add #ihavethisthingwithfloors and your photo might just get a feature. 

Of course, I had to throw in something to do with food. This one is just cake dreams, oh my! Good luck looking at these pictures without your mouth watering. First, the photography is incredible and secondly. it's like a rainbow of beautiful cakes. Can it get any better? If you have a sweet tooth, or just like looking at pretty things then this one's for you! Warning - it may be difficult to look at because you will end up wanting everything. Julian Angel, who created the account, has a blog where you can find the recipes...you're welcome. 

Have you got any recommendations of Instagram accounts to follow? Let me know if you check these ones out!


Thursday, 2 February 2017

January Favourites

January was quite a drag, don't you agree? Either way, I hope you had a lovely start to a new year! I accumulated quite a few favourites over January so, I wanted to share what I've been loving in the past month!

I couldn't do a monthly favourites without some beauty...it's obviously the best part, right?! As I have pale skin, bronzers can be a real nightmare. I had a search on Cult Beauty and found a Jouer Cosmetics one that I liked the look off. If you apply this with a light hand and tap off the excess, it'll give you a sun-kissed look. What I also love about this bronzer is that it's matte and sparkle free - not really feeling the whole shimmery bronze look! On the topic of powders, I also got a new blusher which I've been completely obsessed with. I've been using a Maybelline blusher throughout the whole of January as it just gives you the right amount of rosiness without making you look like a clown (I use the shade Pink Amber). Continuing with Maybelline, their mascara game is pretty strong. I've heard a lot about the Lash Sensational Mascara so, I wanted to give it a go and it certainly didn't disappoint. This will give you longer and fuller looking lashes in no time. To remove my mascara and all the other eye makeup, I've been using the Clarins Eye Makeup Remover which does the job perfectly. This can be used to remove standard or waterproof mascara. Lastly, as Winter can lead to dry lips, applying lipstick can be difficult so I've been loving the Lily Lolo lipgloss in 'Peachy Keen'. This just gives my lips a little colour and shine but also keeps them moisturised.

I straighten my hair all the time, which can leave it in bad condition. I have two products to help the dry, damaged quality of my hair. I wash my hair with the Phil Smith CocoLicious Shampoo which has made my hair a lot shinier and softer. It also smells of coconut which just makes me think of Summer! I then apply the John Frieda Frizz Ease Repairing Creme Serum, to wet hair and this helps with split ends and frizz. The combination of these will leave you feeling like you're in a shampoo advert!

With my whole new healthy eating and fitness regime for 2017 (loving life...not), I wanted some new fitness wear. Next recently released a sports wear collection, full of vibrant colours and a variation of styles to get you motivated. I bought a pair of their sports leggings and I love them. First, and most important, they look great and they're also very comfy which is essential when doing exercise! We're going to pretend that my next favourite wasn't mentioned in my last monthly favourites because I still love it, okay? The Love, Style, Life book by Garance Dore is probably my favourite book. She not only gives style advice but also life advice, doing so with humour and a lighthearted tone. She contrasts the two cities of Paris and New York, and as someone who loves Paris this is right up my street. So, if two monthly favourite posts aren't enough to encourage you to read this, I don't know what is. 

When it comes to TV, I'm a binge watcher and I'm not ashamed. For such a long time, I've been wanting to watch Grey's Anatomy and I've finally got round to it! It has quickly become my new favourite series, if you haven't watched it, you seriously need to! For anyone who doesn't know what it is (you really should...), it's a hospital based drama that follows the lives of a group of doctors focusing on their love lives, work lives and general life struggles. It particularly focuses on the show's namesake, Meredith Grey who wants to prove she can be a successful surgeon while trying to maintain a relationship with her colleague. I definitely haven't done it justice with my description - just watch it! A much shorter series that I loved was Spies which you can now catch on 4oD. This is a reality show that tracks the journey of a select group of people, who want to see if they have what it takes to be a spy.

What were you loving during January?

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