Thursday, 2 February 2017

January Favourites

January was quite a drag, don't you agree? Either way, I hope you had a lovely start to a new year! I accumulated quite a few favourites over January so, I wanted to share what I've been loving in the past month!

I couldn't do a monthly favourites without some's obviously the best part, right?! As I have pale skin, bronzers can be a real nightmare. I had a search on Cult Beauty and found a Jouer Cosmetics one that I liked the look off. If you apply this with a light hand and tap off the excess, it'll give you a sun-kissed look. What I also love about this bronzer is that it's matte and sparkle free - not really feeling the whole shimmery bronze look! On the topic of powders, I also got a new blusher which I've been completely obsessed with. I've been using a Maybelline blusher throughout the whole of January as it just gives you the right amount of rosiness without making you look like a clown (I use the shade Pink Amber). Continuing with Maybelline, their mascara game is pretty strong. I've heard a lot about the Lash Sensational Mascara so, I wanted to give it a go and it certainly didn't disappoint. This will give you longer and fuller looking lashes in no time. To remove my mascara and all the other eye makeup, I've been using the Clarins Eye Makeup Remover which does the job perfectly. This can be used to remove standard or waterproof mascara. Lastly, as Winter can lead to dry lips, applying lipstick can be difficult so I've been loving the Lily Lolo lipgloss in 'Peachy Keen'. This just gives my lips a little colour and shine but also keeps them moisturised.

I straighten my hair all the time, which can leave it in bad condition. I have two products to help the dry, damaged quality of my hair. I wash my hair with the Phil Smith CocoLicious Shampoo which has made my hair a lot shinier and softer. It also smells of coconut which just makes me think of Summer! I then apply the John Frieda Frizz Ease Repairing Creme Serum, to wet hair and this helps with split ends and frizz. The combination of these will leave you feeling like you're in a shampoo advert!

With my whole new healthy eating and fitness regime for 2017 (loving life...not), I wanted some new fitness wear. Next recently released a sports wear collection, full of vibrant colours and a variation of styles to get you motivated. I bought a pair of their sports leggings and I love them. First, and most important, they look great and they're also very comfy which is essential when doing exercise! We're going to pretend that my next favourite wasn't mentioned in my last monthly favourites because I still love it, okay? The Love, Style, Life book by Garance Dore is probably my favourite book. She not only gives style advice but also life advice, doing so with humour and a lighthearted tone. She contrasts the two cities of Paris and New York, and as someone who loves Paris this is right up my street. So, if two monthly favourite posts aren't enough to encourage you to read this, I don't know what is. 

When it comes to TV, I'm a binge watcher and I'm not ashamed. For such a long time, I've been wanting to watch Grey's Anatomy and I've finally got round to it! It has quickly become my new favourite series, if you haven't watched it, you seriously need to! For anyone who doesn't know what it is (you really should...), it's a hospital based drama that follows the lives of a group of doctors focusing on their love lives, work lives and general life struggles. It particularly focuses on the show's namesake, Meredith Grey who wants to prove she can be a successful surgeon while trying to maintain a relationship with her colleague. I definitely haven't done it justice with my description - just watch it! A much shorter series that I loved was Spies which you can now catch on 4oD. This is a reality show that tracks the journey of a select group of people, who want to see if they have what it takes to be a spy.

What were you loving during January?


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  1. I love the Next sportswear range as well! And its all actually quite affordable.


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