Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

It goes  without saying, we all spend ridiculous amounts of time aimlessly scrolling through social media. I love Instagram and I'm constantly flicking through but there's some accounts in particular that add some interest to my feed or are just very visually pleasing! I've attempted to narrow my list of favourite accounts down, however, there are many more that I love. Hope this little list gives you some inspo for accounts to follow!

I followed this account very recently and I can't believe I wasn't aware of it before! Carrie Santana de Silva is a style and travel blogger, and it clearly shows in her account. Her pictures are so aesthetically pleasing, ranging from fashion to food to sights. Her images have a very chilled and relaxed vibe. WishWishWish is full of fashion inspiration and you'll definitely be feeling wanderlust after seeing all of her travel photos! 

As someone who is completely obsessed with all things Paris, this feed is right up my street.  Carin Olsson is a Paris based photographer (are you not convinced already?!). She shares beautiful photographs of the little streets and quirks of Paris, as well as photos of famous sights. This account fits right in with the whole 'white theme' on Instagram that everyone is loving. 

Megan Hess is a fashion illustrator who has released several books including 'The Dress' and 'Fashion House', while also working with many high-end brands. Her Instagram account is full of her amazing illustrations and gives an insight into what she gets up to. Each week, a Friday themed illustration is posted which is so cute! If I could own a Megan Hess drawing, I would be a very happy human but, for now, this account is perfect. 

For those who love fashion as much as me, this is perfect! Think Pinterest, fashion bloggers and street style all rolled into one - amazing! This is full of ideas and inspiration for all different styles. StyleIRL is essentially all of the best street style in one place. After a scroll through, you're going to want to go shopping straight away...

I'd say this my favourite account of them all, it's definitely the coolest! It's basically what it says in the name - floors, floors and more floors. Sounds a little odd but trust me you won't be disappointed. It's an account that shares photos of some of the most amazing and visually pleasing floors around the globe. It's a new take on the usual travel photos and I love it! If you come across a pretty/fascinating/cool floor, Instagram it and add #ihavethisthingwithfloors and your photo might just get a feature. 

Of course, I had to throw in something to do with food. This one is just cake dreams, oh my! Good luck looking at these pictures without your mouth watering. First, the photography is incredible and secondly. it's like a rainbow of beautiful cakes. Can it get any better? If you have a sweet tooth, or just like looking at pretty things then this one's for you! Warning - it may be difficult to look at because you will end up wanting everything. Julian Angel, who created the account, has a blog where you can find the recipes...you're welcome. 

Have you got any recommendations of Instagram accounts to follow? Let me know if you check these ones out!



  1. Really helpful tips on where to find these Instagram Accounts!

  2. Oh wow love this list. Some of these accounts are amazing ❤


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