Friday, 21 July 2017

Fashion Wish List

I recently did a Beauty Wish List so I wanted to follow it up with a Fashion Wish List. There are some pieces on this list that I've been lusting over for a long time and some I've just stumbled upon as I'm scrolling through internet. I've included a range of clothes, shoes and accessories with a wide price bracket. Who knows maybe some day I'll own them all?! I'll keep dreaming!


For me, owning an All Saints leather jacket is my ultimate fashion goal, so someday I'll definitely be investing in one. They are beautifully tailored and the leather is amazing. My favourite is the 'Cargo' style; it has that biker style without being too bulky. This jacket would literally go with everything!

To be honest if I could have any dress from Needle & Thread, I'd be ecstatic - their dresses never fail to amaze me. However, this one is utterly beautiful with the moonstone blue colour, tulle skirt and insanely detailed, embroidered bodice.


These are a classic for Chanel, however very expensive for a pair of espadrilles. In the Ivory & Black shade, these are such a pretty and simple style that would go with just about every summer outfit. These are also adorned with the iconic Chanel logo.

I'm obsessed with embroidery, it's definitely one of my favourite trends. So, naturally when I saw these heels I fell in love. Coloured embroidery covers the black material and the result is stunning! From the ankle ties to the open toe design to the block heel, these would be perfect with a mini dress or a casual denim skirt.


There are so many amazing designer handbags out there, but for me the Givenchy Antigona is such a classic and timeless style. Also, in the black shade it will go with everything and it will hold all of your necessary items without being too big. If you're going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a handbag, you might as well get the wear out of it right?!

This one is not quite as practical as the one above, however the prettiness (is that even a real word?!) of it makes up for that! The combination of the leather and  the suede in the blue is stunning. Along with the gold hardware and chained shoulder strap; this is perfect for all seasons, day to night.


Missoma is probably the most stunning jewellery brand and I'm dying to get my hands on something, however it's currently slightly out of my budget. This necklace instantly caught my eye, it's the most beautiful thing...EVER! A delicate, white stone encased in a beautiful gold chain. Each necklace is slightly different as the stones are hand cut.

Another stunning product from Missoma are these mini dagger earrings. The combination of the small hoops and mini lighting bolts, creates an edgy but delicate look. I just love the lightning bolt detail! 

That was quite a hefty wish list...what can I say, I'm an ambitious girl! 


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