Monday 6 May 2019

5 Things You Need To Read Now

Image: Darling

While I haven't been writing and posting on here an awful lot, I've still been finding lots of fascinating insightful reads that I would love to share! There are some amazing platforms online from blogs to online magazines so I've accumulated a small list of things that I loved loved loved reading and hope you will too (just click the titles to take you straight to the piece)! Whether you need a little encouragement, a kick up the backside or simply enjoy finding new things to read - this one's for you!

All of these pieces are from 'Darling'; an online magazine discussing topics from health to fashion to creativity.

                                                                                                                                                           Image: Darling

'Why Acknowledging Your Jealousy Is The Key To Overcoming It'

This was such a refreshing and original take on comparison. I see so many people discussing comparison and rightly so as it's a huge issue especially in today's society. However this was a new take on it and gives us advice on how we can actually work on it rather than just reading!

'What Does It (Really) Look Like To Believe The Best About Others?'

It's so easy to be competitive with others, set our standards one step higher than theirs or think lower of people to make yourself feel better - we can do all this without even realising! However, when we look at people for who they really are we'll feel better about them and ourselves. Be positive and excited for other people, give them the best chance you can!

'Who's That Girl? // 5 Ways To Cultivate Your Mystery'

I found this one really interesting and it's not something I've ever really thought about. I think it's important, particularly in today's world when we're surrounded by social media and exactly what's going on in everyone's lives. It's a healthy take on 'mystery' and might give you a few things to consider!

'Why Rejection Will Not Get The Best Of You'

"If things were always easy and all we ever heard was 'yes', then we would never know what resilience looks like". Being rejected in a job, your blog or even through relationships (whatever it may be), can be a real kick in the teeth but this article shows you how you can turn it round and use the rejection to benefit you.

'How To Wait (For Anything) Well'

I think more people need to read this than they might think. Everyone has something they're currently 'waiting' for, will have to in the future or have done in the past. It's a hard one and something not often closely considered. It resonated with me a lot, particularly when I'm in a long distance relationship half the year. I recognise that "deep yearning" this piece talks about and I'm sure a lot of you will too, for whatever the reason!

*Images and Articles from Darling


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