Monday 18 March 2019

March is the New January

Most of us know that January is usually a bit of a let down month; the christmas-belly diets went out the window after 2 and a half days, you just can't keep up with the new exercise routine, you feel unmotivated and are fed up with those long winter days.

Along came February...okay, great! This is the fresh start, we'll just forget January ever happened.

It's the 7th February...I still haven't lost 7 stone and haven't turned vegan?! Okay something must be wrong, I'm as unproductive as I was in January! I can't just throw two months down the drain...

Guess what? Yes you can! Who cares if January and February didn't quite go to plan? There are no set rules and who said we can't choose when we start afresh ourselves?! You're far from a total disaster; only a quarter disaster...I include myself in that one too!

You may be a lucky one and be reading this thinking eh, no...January and February were great, I got so much done, I'm a new person! Well, hats off to you but there is no reason why we can't start a little later.

Take me, for example. My blog posts have gone down the drain, as well as my social media. I struggle to find motivation and muster up productivity when the days are long and the weather is dull.  My diet is up and down and along with that my exercise. And so the list goes on...

I beat myself up again and again for not meeting my own expectations or standards but maybe we set the bar too high in the first place. Set your standards or goals for only you and don't look at anyone else's. That way, they might be a little more attainable but even if they aren't reached, that's still okay.

I stepped into March with a much brighter mindset - do what I can do and the rest is a bonus. Don't be so hard on yourself if things don't go quite to plan, it all falls into place eventually.


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