Sunday, 11 June 2017

5 Things To Do This Summer

I don't know about you but I always plan to do lots of exciting, fascinating and adventurous things over Summer but then Summer rolls around... and I'm binging on Netflix. If you're anything like me and you'd quite like to do something fun or make a few memories this Summer, keep on reading and you'll see the simple little list that I created; The Summer Bucket List, if you like!

Toast Marshmallows
This one of my absolute favourite things to do, getting a fire on the go with a few marshmallows on a stick - can't beat it! We recently got a fire pit and it has been one the best purchases. I mean, can you tell me what's better than an oozing, toasted marshmallow between chocolate and biscuit? Nope. Didn't think so.

Have a Picnic
Whether you organise something big and fancy with a vast assortment of food or you simply grab a rug and sit in your garden, it's such an easy and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. The NI weather can be a bit unreliable but even when the slightest glimmer of sunshine appears, grab a few friends, family members or even just yourself and have a picnic! 

Do a Little Reading 
Reading is one of life's simplest pleasures but we don't always have the time or make time for it. Generally, the summer brings more free time so get comfy, make a cup of coffee and pick up a book. Reading is such an easy escape and it's even nicer doing it in the sunshine! If you're not a book some blogs!

Go on an Adventure
When I say that, what I really mean is pack a suitcase and do a little travelling (I'm going to South of France and I'm beyond excited). However, not everyone has a holiday planned. Instead, get creative with your surroundings - go somewhere you've never been, plan a road trip or have a beach day (might as well pretend you're somewhere exotic!). 

Have a BBQ
Usually in NI as soon as there's even the slightest chance of sunshine, the shops have been cleared of anything that is possible to barbecue. Having a BBQ with family or friends is one of the nicest ways to spend a summer evening, whether it's planned or spontaneous!

Happy Summer!x



  1. Love this wee blog Katie. Going to try out all five no matter what the weather brings xx


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