Monday 7 December 2020

Making the Most of Christmas 2020

Christmas decorations, christmas gift

christmas decorations, Elf, the white company, christmas baubles

This year, Christmas will be like no other - we can't have Christmas parties, we'll be restricted to who we can spend Christmas Day with and we can't go for Christmas drinks the way we used to. The list for you might go on and you might be a little gutted about all the things that will be different. Let's face it, we couldn't have expected a perfectly magically wonderful Christmas after this flop of a year. But in an attempt for us not to become complete Debbie Downers I'm giving you a rundown of what you can do to make the most of it! This list is as much for me as it is for you...

Shop Small

I've bought a lot more presents on Etsy this year to support small businesses. It's a nice way to get something special and I had so much fun browsing everything on offer. Once shops have reopened, particularly those that are small and independent, you can support those too! Make gifting worthwhile this year.

Treat Yo'self

On the notion of giving, don't forget about yourself! A little retail therapy never hurt anyone (expect maybe your old friend Danske) so don't forget a little something for yourself. Get a nice Christmas Day outfit or a new pamper set! I know some of us may be struggling for money this year but looking after yourself doesn't always have to break the bank.

It's All In The Decorating

Christmas decorations make such an impact on your mood - I wasn't feeling festive at all this year until we got the tree out. My favourite part is always the lighting, it makes things so cosy! If you're bored of your decorations, why not DIY a new garland or your own wreath?! Fragrances are also important - don't forget to light your Christmas candles!

Good Food

One of the best bits of Christmas has got to be the food! Stock your cupboards with mince pies, Celebrations and all the Pringles. Have a look for some tasty recipes either for your Christmas Day feast or just for the festive period. Let's not forget the baking - my favourite! You can go down the classic shortbread route or try out the Hummingbird Bakery's snickerdoodle cookies, a recipe we have used for years in our house and I've shared on my blog.

The Little Things

The whole of 2020 has been about focusing on the little things and it'll be no different this Christmas. Enjoy those under-a-blanket Christmas movie moments or the Boxing Day board game. Most importantly, be grateful for who you can spend Christmas with and have fun!


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